Friday, December 30, 2011

Couch Surfing

I am a small, small person. Almost a year ago, we (read: my husband) loaned a friend of ours (read: mostly his and mine only by default despite my efforts to expand the relationship) over $1500. She promised she would repay us by the end of the year. Well, the end of the year is here and not a cent has been repaid. She has "no money." Where is she now? At the beach. On vacation. Posting gorgeous photos of the ocean and the beachline while we sit in dark, dreary wintery WV.

I find myself feeling envyish. And angry. I would like to be sitting on a warm sunny beach right now, instead of on the sofa with my laptop watching "Back to the Future." But mostly, I feel envy. And I do not like that in myself. It is very unlike me. So on top of feeling angry and envyish, I now feel guilty as well. Thanks a lot, "friend."

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