Friday, April 13, 2007

Earth Day Contest - VOTE!

One of my designs is entered in an Earth Day contest, and I need your vote! Just click on the link below, check it out, and if you like it, VOTE FOR IT! You'll see a group of five stars. Clicking on the fifth star means you give it five stars, etc. (I recommend clicking the fifth star - *LOL*).

If you're registered on Zazzle (takes less than a minute to create a username and password and costs nothing - no mailing lists, etc.), you can leave a comment about my design.

Both of these add up points toward the contest. I can use the prize (software package worth nearly $1,000), and I'd be grateful for your support. And heck, ya never know; you may just love the shirt and want one for yourself. That's just collateral goodness. :)

Remember our planet everyday, not just on Earth Day (April 22nd). "Save the world - there's a lot riding on it." ~~Clara Chandler